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This is an excellent book for beginner therapist or individuals who want to know more about therapy.

Easy to read book with short chapters.

dylKudos to Bill and Dave for coming up with a creative way to look at life.  Designing Your Life started off as a college class at Stanford and offered to design students to help design their life after college.  Yea, I used the word “design” a lot in that sentence. Trust me, that is what the authors would have wanted. According to Bill and Dave, designers build their way forward rather than dream up a lot of fantasies that have no relationship to the real YOU or the world.  Like a designer, they want us to look at problems and life with the same curiosity and creativity that created some of life’s best items. Each chapter has thought-provoking activities to make you think about all aspects of life- career, personal, and spiritual life (if you desire one).  No worries, you don’t have to do all of the work alone.  Some of the activities suggest for you to seek out assistance from your community/team.  How cool would it have been to have this course offered in college? It probably would have helped me find my purpose a lot sooner.

hbFor women who are seeking support with healing from brokenness and unleashing their purpose. The Hummingbird’s Healing Toolbox is a Facebook group created by Kimtrese Slaughter, licensed therapist. She fostered a community where women assist each other as they live at their maximum capacity. Monthly, Mrs. Slaughter has Facebook live discussions related to healing and growth.  She is open to answering viewers’ questions and provides tools that can be easily incorporated into your life.  If you are ready to start the healing process and walk your purpose, it’s time to join the discussion! 


This book reminded me that LOVE is actually an action more than a feeling.  People show you love.  (Same last name… Not related.)

 the cost

I stumbled across this podcast and immediately became a fan.

My takeaways:

1.  Reassures the notion that success and instant gratification do not belong in the same sentence.  Success (however you choose to define it) comes with hard work, dedication, and lots of tears 🙂

    2.  “The Cost” of success of is way more than monetary.  You have no idea what obstacles people have overcome to get where they are.  


I have fallen in love with the “Bible” app. For years, I only used it to read “the scripture of the day.” Well, I have definitely been underutilizing it. The app has reading plans that can be completed alone or with friends. One of my favorites is CONFIDENCE. I thought it was going to address self-confidence, boy I was wrong. It helps you build your CONFIDENCE in God.  


It’s not your typical feel good book. It reads like a transcript of a transparent and honest conversation between client their therapist.   

The authors recognizes that the process of loving yourself and being YOU can be overwhelming. They encourage you to accept yourself as you are and trust your inner self during times of crisis.