I like to say I came out of my mother’s womb saying “NO.” Maybe I am being a little too dramatic so I am going to say… My first word was “NO” and my first statement was “No, don’t touch me.”

I was not like most toddlers; I didn’t enjoy being held by many people. Because of that many people thought something was “wrong” with me or I was odd. As I grew up, I continued to use the word “no” and it was frowned upon by others. Instead of being odd I was now “mean and hateful.” Which was the opposite of who I was; I just knew what I did and did not want to do. I felt excluded because I did “fit in.” So, I changed to accommodate others. I wanted to be accepted.



For the past three years, I have been working on myself.  As usual, there were a series of events that brought an intense amount of pain and made me say… I NEVER WANT TO BE HERE AGAIN!  I know, you should never say never.  But there are certain events that occur that will make you say that.  And you fight life HELL to ensure there is nothing in your doing that will cause you to go back.


Oh! Valentine’s Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day.  I can honestly, say I struggled with writing this blog.  The first one I wrote was a Survivor’s Guide for Single Women.  I didn’t post it because I felt as though there were so many blogs already written about it.  The more I researched Valentine’s Day, the more I understood why some single people feel isolated and alone on a holiday that is supposed to be about love.   (more…)

The Buts in Life

During dinner with a close friend, I told her that I could see God answering my prayers.  I found new office space; I am moving into a new apartment in the city; I am financially stable, my relationships with my friends and family are stable; I am traveling more and I have a clear plan on how to grow my business.  As I was explaining to her how I have endured the storm and the sun has come out, she interrupted me by saying then why aren’t you happy?  Verbally, I was saying I was happy but my tone and facial expression said the contrary.  I stopped and thought about it.  I wasn’t happy.  Instead of breathing and enjoying the moment, I found myself holding my breath waiting for the next BUT to happen.  (more…)

The Struggle

My college years at Virginia State University (Go Trojans) were the best.  I went to clubs, concerts, gym jams, and hung out with friends until the wee hours of the morning.  The next day I woke up went to class with no problem (I was a champ!).  I left with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology ready to enter the human service field and SAVE the WORLD!!! Boy I was young and naïve.  No one told me on most days, instead of saving the world I would be saving myself.  I knew that life was full of highs and lows.  But I never knew how low the lows were and how difficult it can be getting back up.