The Tongue

You talk too much and you never shut up— Run DMC

The tongue is small but mighty.   It can be used to speak life into dying person or kill something that is living. It can make a grand speech that motivates an entire audience. Matter of fact, it is so powerful that where you are in life has been influenced by your words.

People can tame animals, birds, reptiles, and fish yet fail to tame their tongue. (James 3:7). Think about it!  A wild lion is known as the king of the jungle.  A human being has the skills to cage such a wild beast and teach it how to do tricks.  Yet the tongue, a muscle in your mouth covered in thousands of tiny taste buds; cannot be tamed??

We say the first thing that comes to mind with little to no filter. At what point do you stop, think, then respond?  At one point, do you just keep your mouth shut?  It’s time to speak less and listen more.

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