What’s Driving You?

No matter the situation never let your emotions out power your intelligence.  – Unknown

So, let me tell you about my emotions. If I don’t keep them in check, I can easily go from zero to ten. Sometimes, people irritate me to the point I tell Jesus … I got this one. You can relax (lol).

After an emotional outburst, I am EXHAUSTED and feel unheard. Don’t get me wrong, they HEARD my voice; but they didn’t HEAR me. All they saw was another angry black woman.  

I had to stop allowing people to control me.  (One you angers you controls you.) Feelings are not facts.  There are ways to tell someone off educate people without having a meltdown.  

  1. State the facts:  What actually occurred??  Need help, jot it down.  It will give you the opportunity to clearly state the order of events.  
  2. Listen:  I mean TRULY listen.  It is impossible to listen and prepare your rebuttal simultaneously.  
  3. Own your feelings:  “I” statements are my go to lines.  “I feel…”  or “I believe…”  Statements starting with “You” shifts the blame on the other person.  In addition, you are giving the other person the control over your feelings.  

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